Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an investment in your health and well-being. Just as many people go to the gym to work out their bodies, therapy is a way to strengthen and work on your mind, emotions and spirit.

I offer indivdual therapy for adults, young adults, teens and mothers covering a wide range of issues impacting mental health and relationships.

My collaborative approach supports self-awareness and learning to trust your intuition or inner voice. Therapy can have many purposes such as support in painful times, a vehicle for growth, restoring balance, or improving relationships. We often only focus on getting rid of the negative in our life, but I believe therapy is a chance to understand painful emotions and create your own version of success.

Here are some of the outcomes that can be gained by participating in counseling:

  • Feeling supported and having a safe, confidential space to share
  •  Cultivating self-awareness 
  • Understanding how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact anxiety and depression
  • Learning coping strategies to manage anxiety or panic attacks
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction with life decisions and transitions
  • Building a tool kit for self-care and stress management
  • Finding your voice and becoming assertive
  • Creating meaning in your life
  • Learning to be more present